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A Brief History of the Last 250 Years on the An’allin and Forsian continents

250 Years ago, the warring nomadic tribes of Humans were united under a single king, establishing the first time in history when Man was completely at peace.

200 Years ago, an invasion of demonic forces, brought by a Tiefling experiment begins. 7 years of war rage throughout the lands, with the end coming by the link to the demon plain being severed, and the Tiefling people being enslaved by the Dwarves.

193 Years ago, the end of the Demon Wars, peace settles across the lands.

160 Years ago, The Elves enslave the Gnomes, Genesai and Halflings, after an unsuccessful attempt by these three races to free the enslaved Tieflings. The Dragonborn, fighting alongside the Dwarves to quell the rebellion, suffer drastic losses to their entire race, almost vanishing from existence.

136 Years ago, a revolt breaks out among the enslaved races. Gnomes, Genesai, Halflings and Tieflings take up arms against their respective “ruling” races. Quickly quelled, seeds of mis-trust are sewn among the nations.

135 Years ago, War breaks out among the Elves and Dwarves, each blaming the other for the revolt of slaves the year prior. Two years into the conflict, the Humans are drawn into the conflict after a large trade city is razed during a Dwarf/Elf battle. Humans take up arms to protect their own.

100 Years ago, after 35 years of constant warring between the nations, another threat appears. The Drow appear in the Human lands, sweeping across the nation like a plague. The conflict between Elves, Dwarves and Men ends quickly as the nations unite to put a stop to the Drow invasion. A 40 year war with the Drow begins.

60 Years ago, the Drow are finally defeated, yet the Human lands are broken into small clans after Mankind had suffered such drastic losses during the Drow conflict. The nation of Men vanishes.

35 Years ago, Mankind unites once more under Anteru, a hero from the old nation of Men during the Drow war. A new era of peace begins.

30 Years ago, tensions rise between the Elves and Dwarves again, leading to the start of another war among the rival nations.

25 Years ago, the Humans are brought into the conflict again when their king, Anteru, is killed during a raid in the Elven lands. Sydoc the Faithful, Anteru’s son, takes the crown as the new king.

10 Years ago, Peace is brought about by a legendary group of friends from the nations. The heroes Armian a Human cleric, Kahn a Dwarven fighter, Nyoro Tyrtylar an Elven ranger, and Gael’emar a Halfling wizard, are able to break the binds of hate among the people and unite the nations once more.

4 Years ago, the discovery of new land is made by the Dwarves, strengthening the bonds of peace. The nations send a united effort to explore and build in these new lands.

2 Years ago, scouting parties and villages begin to vanish in the darkness. Matters become worse as more and more villages and towns begin to disappear in the night, and pirates begin to attack ships headed for the new land.

1 Year ago, call for adventurers given among all nations. Adventurers and explorers young and old begin to flock to the new lands, in search of fame and fortune.

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