Kalin (kah-LEEN) Stormhammer

Dwarf Paladin, follower of Bahamut. He is seeking to restore his family's connection to the dragon god.


STR 13 CON 14 DEX 11 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 16

AC 20 FORT 13 REF 13 WILL 14

+2 to attack and damage w/ Hammers


As a worshipper of Bahamut, Kalin’s family has long had connections to the dragons of lore. He has an affinity for Dragonkin adventurers, because of their connection to Bahamut, and dislikes humans for the most part, because they love to hunt dragons. As of late, the dragons themselves have become more wild, unlike their ancestor. Kalin is venturing out to put down those dragons who have turned away from Bahamut, and to ascertain why they have been loosing their way. Kalin sees himself as a paragon of his faith, standing up for the downtrodden, seeking out evil and vanquishing it in Bahamut’s name. He tends to be cocky, if not arrogant. He believes so fully in his cause, that he “knows” he will be victorious. He considers himself very open minded and accepting of others (so long as they agree with him in his beliefs). He’s not a drinker like so many dwarves get stereotyped, but tries to keep himself pure, so that he is always ready to jump into action. Wielding a hammer and shield, he stands ready to turn the tides of darkness with his companions at his back.

Kalin (kah-LEEN) Stormhammer

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