Marokai 'King's-Bane'

a swordmage with a rage-fueled debt of vengeance and a propensity for exploration


- marokai was born the same night king Anteru was killed, earning him the nickname king’s bane. the entire night his mother was in labor, a savage lightning storm raged, blasting the very mountains and leaving charred craters all across the range in it’s wake. many whispered throughout the village that the lightning storm caused the young tiefling to have his characteristic jet black eyes and stark white hair. His presence also has a way of making people’s hair stick up all along their body, similar to an electric current, although it is difficult to say if this isn’t associated with his dark demeanor and reputation.

- as a child, he enjoyed exploring the caverns and valleys surrounding his homeland mountain village. this was driven by the joy of exploration and discovery and adventure, pretending to search for drow scouts that could possibly attempt another surface conquest, reliving the stories he heard from his father of the drow war. marokai was often joined on his explorations by his younger sister, whom he was very close with, and a close human friend.

- one day his village was surprised by a marauding group of bandits, who killed some village people and carried away his sister and a few other people. because of his knowledge of the surrounding areas, marokai was able to lead the village militia and overtake the bandits during their escape run through the hills. despite a quick, merciless slaughter of the bandits, marokai’s sister was fatally wounded by a vicious bandit who would rather kill the prisoners than allow them to be safely rescued. ever since that time, marokai has had a new purpose for scouting through the area, constantly expanding his territory and redoubling his efforts of vigilance, determined to protect his village from another such event. if he heard the slightest rumor of evil, he would trek ever-farther away to hunt it down and destroy it, often accompanied by his friend, or, when closer to home, a small group of highly-skilled warriors. Anytime a haunt was considered too dangerous and marokai was warned it would be too difficult, it only fueled his fire of revenge and slowly-smoldering rage to eradicate any further threat to the family and friends he loves.

- marokai spent a year with the local militia, thinking he might be able to help them in their guard of the village. although it helped him to hone his skill, it was increasingly obvious that he didn’t blend in with his independence, unconventional methods, and merciless judgement of anything he thought was evil or potentially harmful to his community, especially his family or close friends. unfortunately this included many outsiders or travelers. he was more likely to follow his own laws than the laws laid down by the village leaders.

- after leaving the militia, he regathered his small group of adventuring/guardian friends and continued his vigilant watch. the group was unofficially labeled the vengeful zealots. he still enjoyed simply exploring new areas and always strove to become familiar with whatever area he was at.

- marokai continues to earn his nickname ‘king’s-bane’ because of the bittersweet impact his personality has on the village. his merciless, vigilante method of judgement often disrupts the delicate balance the law of the land strives to maintain, taking things into his own hands, and meting out punishment as he sees fit. although his indiscretions, as troublesome as they can sometimes be (to the point where some consider him more of a criminal and troublemaker than a guardian at times), his tireless, attentive guard of the village has saved it from countless hardships, ranging from raiding bands of raiders and bandits, to single-handedly defeating or misleading mountain trolls that would have otherwise wreaked unspeakable havoc on the village.

- while he has become quite adept at surviving off the land during his travels and adventures, marokai also earns money by doing random jobs that take advantage of his adventurous personality and knowledge of the area. he often travels abroad to other villages to deliver or retrieve objects or messages for individuals or businesses. He has also escorted individuals who need to make the trip personally but need some extra protection. because of his knowledge of the land, he has even been commissioned by the village or larger businesses to scout and map certain areas of interest. While not terribly skilled, he is also competent and knowledgeable enough to occasionally help his father with his blacksmithing, a family trade they originally learned when their ancestors were enslaved by the dwarves.

- in typical tiefling fashion, marokai is very untrusting of most people he comes in contact with, taking everything with a grain of salt. he only trusts his close-knit family and a few close friends, including the vengeful zealots. because of the important role he plays in the village’s safety, most of the village greatly respect him, if not openly trust him, which allows marokai a small amount of trust for the villagers. anyone from the outside, however, is met with a thick veil of distrust, if not outright hostility. when traveling to foreign lands and cities, he keeps his hostility somewhat reserved, not wanting to unknowingly make enemies or make things more difficult than they need to be. however more than one brash bully has mis-targeted marokai as an easy out-of-town target only to quickly realize their mistake in putting themselves on marokai’s bad side.

- while marokai’s intolerance and anger towards evil is intense and focused, it pales in comparison to how his blood boils at the sight of someone being bullied. when they were young, some of the village bullies often picked on him and his siblings because of their tiefling heritage. one day he stumbled upon a small group of children taunting his younger sister and throwing rocks at her. marokai was sent into a blind fury! his rage frightened the kids away, all except the unfortunate leader of the pack who was unable to escape marokai’s frenzied rush. he didn’t walk for a year.

- because his little mountain village was home to many outcasts, refugees, outlaws, and a mixture of people running from a troubled past, seeking to begin anew, the rumor of a new land discovered sparked interest and hope in many of the villagers. some immediately packed up and set out to find this new land, hoping to start fresh. marokai’s family had even seriously discussed the possibility of exploring this new land and forging a new life free from the discrimination and prejudice many tieflings faced in the land. then came the rumors of the terrible events that were plaguing the settlements of the new land.

- when the village received the call for adventurers to safeguard the new land, marokai’s interest was immediately piqued. largely because he knew his family and some of his zealots friends were continuing to talk of moving to the new land, despite the problems arising there. that and the fact that many travelers moving through the village were continually warning everyone to stay away from the cursed new land. if he couldn’t persuade his family to stay in their mountain village, then the next best thing was to go before them and personally ensure the land was safe enough for his standards. and may any evil creature in his path regret the day it was spawned.

Marokai 'King's-Bane'

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