With lands wracked by war and strife throughout the last 250 years, the discovery a new lands shortly after the ending of the worst war the nations had ever seen was thought to be a blessing sent by the gods. The newly forged alliance of Dwarves, Elves and Men began a united effort to settle and explore these lands, calling upon their bravest warriors and national heroic figures from the wars of recent years to seek honor and glory once more in this land that was named Forsian. For the first few years, everything seemed to be going perfectly, as numerous towns and cities began to grow across the few miles of land that had been uncovered in this new land. Yet things have begun to change.

First, a few small scouting parties vanished without a trace after branching out West. Then, from seemingly no-where, three of the frontier towns were wiped off the face of the land, with no survivors to tell the tale of what had taken place, or even a body to leave a clue to what had taken place. Only the blackened husks of buildings remained of what had been these few small villages, telling the tale of something horribly wrong. Yet, without a sign of what had taken place, not a single nation was willing to make the claim of something askew. But as villages continued to vanish, with no signs to show the truth other than the remains of buildings and carts, even the stalwart Dwarves had to admit something was amiss. That was two years ago…

The last two years have shown chaos and turmoil on the new lands. The only truth that is villages continue to vanish without a trace, yet the first three cities that were founded have never been attacked or even seen a sign of what has caused these mysterious happenings. The first light into the cause came a year later, when a single man, half mad from what he had seen, stumbled into the dwarven city of Falmek, the coastal city. Raving about creatures and monsters, and not truly believed, he was returned to the old lands. After giving a dark report of creatures coming out of the darkness and carrying off his entire village, he was declared sick in the mind and sent to the Elves renowned healers. Yet after he was carried back, the situation became worse. Pirates began to waylay ships coming from the old lands, again killing or capturing everyone aboard, leaving none to tell the tale of what was taking place.

This has been the course of events that last year, since the madman was returned. The nations have put out the call for adventurers old and new to seek fame and fortune on the Forsian lands, allowing any to take up the chance for a new life.

Forsian Adventures

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